Time-honoured team members reach 10-year milestone

by Hannah van Rooyen

Ten years is a long time, and it doesn’t go unnoticed at Smith Brothers!

Beginning as a small family business, the team has grown considerably since its inception, and the company couldn’t have got to where it is now without the loyalty and hard work of the staff.

Three valued team members recently reached their 10-year milestone with the company, and the directors wanted to reward them for their contribution and reliability over this period of considerable change and growth.

So, as a token of appreciation for their constant efforts and allegiance to the team, Michelle Greenwood, Darren Kirk and David Burge are to be presented with premium timepieces.

Starting out on reception, Michelle is now Smith Brothers’ office manager and is in charge of overseeing the office and keeping the business accounts in order. Since starting with the firm, she has seen the business grow, moving from Queensmill to Red Doles Lane and now into Lowfields, and has loved welcoming new members to the team along the way.

Despite our expansion, Michelle is pleased that the sense of family and personality has remained in the office. Commenting on the recognition of her commitment to Smith Brothers, Michelle said: “I’m very proud to have been here for 10 years, and receiving recognition for it with the watch has made me feel really valued. The people have made working here a joy rather than a chore, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Similarly, fitter and site safety supervisor Darren’s role in the company has evolved over the decade. Starting out as a jointer’s mate with a background in fabrication, he soon progressed to fitting and has since achieved an NVQ Level 2 and a Level 2 diploma in electrical engineering.

Becoming a qualified fitter has been a standout achievement for Darren, as he never thought he would pursue further education. Talking about his time at Smith Brothers, he said: “The growth since I joined has been major, and I love the variety of my job now, especially the incredible places it takes me to! Finding out that I’ll be getting recognition in the form of a watch was a total surprise – not a lot of firms would do this after 10 years, so it says a lot about the company.”

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality manager David Burge is the third member of the team to reach the decade milestone this year.

Reflecting on his time at the company so far, David said: “A lot has changed with at Smith Brothers since I joined, which is most notable day-to-day with the increased staff numbers and office upgrades, as well as how all of our jobs have evolved. But it’s great that the camaraderie of the team has stayed just as strong, and receiving this reward for loyalty and hard work over the years really means a lot.”

And the sentiments expressed by the team members at this recognition is echoed by the firm’s founders. Commenting on the milestone rewards, Smith Brothers’ director John Smith said: “The happiness and loyalty of our staff is important to us, which is why we’ve made a point of marking such a momentous occasion. We want to make sure our colleagues know how valued their ongoing efforts are, and a luxury watch seems a fitting reward for the commitment of these ‘time-honoured’ employees.”

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