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Smith Brothers ahead of the curve with G59 protection changes

Smith Brothers ahead of the curve with G59 protection changes

Smith Brothers has been added to the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) list of ‘accelerated loss of mains change programme’ (ALoMCP) contractors.

We are now one of the chosen suppliers which can carry out the G59 protection amendments associated with the ALoMCP. As part of the scheme, owners of electricity-generating equipment which was installed prior to February 2018 and has G59 interface protection, must carry out the required changes.

These alterations can range from input setting tweaks to upgrading relays and switchgear modifications. Failing to carry out the changes by 31st August 2022 may result in being subject to an enforcement programme rolled out by Network Operators, (NGESO, DNO and IDNO).

As a gesture of goodwill, owners of generating equipment who are affected by the ALoMCP can apply for a financial contribution to assist in completing the associated works.

With our extensive experience in generation interface protection, the Smith Brothers team can advise, oversee and deliver the necessary adjustments in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

Contact us for further information and an initial site survey.

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