2017: a year in focus

Early on last year, we started running a monthly photo competition amongst our team members on the ground.

You might not think the average cabling connections and switchgear installations we carry out from day-to-day would provide the most picturesque shots, but we’ve been very impressed by the quality of the images some of our operatives have managed to capture.

So, we thought we’d give these amateur photographers the recognition they deserve and share the winning entries from 2017!

We’ll be continuing with the contest throughout this year too, so keep your eyes peeled for more spectacular on-site shots…

March 2017 winner - Lloyd Cramp - Mynydd Portref wind farm
May 2017 winner 2 - Garry Taylor - Summerlane, Birmingham June 2017 winner - Nick Wood - wind turbine base at Hallburn Farm July 2017 winner - James Boothroyd - Saint-Gobain
April 2017 winner Photo 25 Emma Charlesworth SBC jointing 630mm singles May 2017 winner 1 - Liam Smith - Brombil wind farm
August 2017 winner - Nick Wood - fishing trip November 2017 winner 1 - Luke Hemingway - Dartford Battery storage trench works for 11kv triplex road works
September 2017 winner 1 – Nigel Hillary - outdoor experience at Outdoor Yorkshire
September 2017 winner 2 – Dave Shelton - Tullymurdoch Windfarm – wind turbine being delivered by Vestas October 2017 winner - AK installing switchgear
November 2017 winner 2 - Liam Smith - crane set up for turbine 5 blade fitting at Hallburn windfarm project December 17 winner - Garry Taylor - Tullymurdoch wind farm
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