Renewables - August 2017- May 2018

Tullymurdoch and Welton of Creuchies

Green Cat Renewables/ SSE

When two sites in Perth and Kinross, Scotland were ready to be connected to the grid, high-voltage power engineering specialist Smith Brothers rose to the challenge. As the Independent Connection Provider (ICP) for the Tullymurdoch and Welton of Creuchies wind farms in Scotland, the power engineering experts had to overcome the combined challenges of adverse weather conditions and difficult landscapes in order to successfully complete the project. With eleven wind turbines located across the two adjacent sites, the farms were developed to deliver a combined output of 23.55MW to the SSE network – 14.35MW from the seven turbines at Tullymurdoch and 9.2MW from four at Welton of Creuchies, a joint venture between the landowner, local community and Green Cat Renewable Developments. And it was down to the 26-strong Smith Brothers team – and 21km of 33kV cabling – to connect both wind farms to the grid.

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