Capacity Management Sector

Whilst capacity management is rapidly evolving, Smith Brothers has been involved with helping balance supply and demand to the UK grid since the infancy of the market. We have been employed by 15 of the country’s largest STOR developers for example, and possess a breadth of knowledge across many other balancing services including Triad, EFR, FFR, SFR, DSBR and SVR.

Network operations

Our capacity management services

We offer the full spectrum of services required for such projects, including:

Turnkey support

Regardless of the nature of your capacity management project, our high voltage electrical engineers can provide a turnkey solution and a single source of warranty. That’s one trusted, experienced contractor to handle the entire scope of works – from design to completion – which minimises risk, delays and costs.

To discuss the scope of your capacity management project or to find out how much our support would cost, contact us by calling 0333 358 3653 or email

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