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As an accredited contractor on the Lloyds Register NERS (National Electricity Registration Scheme), our electrical engineering experts are well equipped to design safe, efficient and robust network systems from low voltage up to 132kV. We design with budget constraints in mind and always maintain a keen eye on carbon reduction too.

If your site is constrained by restrictive space or a tight schedule, we can also design, supply and install prefabricated containerised solutions, which allow for project acceleration without compromising on quality. The key thing is to talk to us at the earliest possible point, to ensure you save time and money from the start.

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Our design services

With all of our drawings produced using the latest BIM software, our comprehensive design process can include some/all of the following elements, depending on the requirements of the works:

Our own in-house designers will assume responsibility for the entire design process to ensure every detail is taken into account. And, when it comes to the procurement and installation of the approved design, we can even handle that too.

One trusted point of contact

Don’t forget we are an approved Independent Connections Provider (ICP). So, whether you’re looking for a low or high voltage power generation and distribution system, there are many advantages to us being involved from the outset of your project.

Explore our turnkey services page to find out more, contact 0333 358 3653 or email to learn how we can help.

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